Vince Aggrippino

Full Stack Developer


I'm not just looking for a job. I'm on a mission...

I've lost a few years of my career to rash decisions, poor health, and plain 'ol bad luck, but I'm making up for lost time. I've always loved my work, but it's not just for fun any more. I have a family of my own now, and they're counting on me.

I'm going to build interesting and innovative things to show my talent. I'm going to become a leader and influencer in Web Development, but I'm like an artist without a canvas...

I’m looking to work with a company that wants to build a web experience that is not only better, but gets the world's attention.


Full Stack Developer
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About Me

I make better websites. I make websites better. I can take charge of everything from the host to the browser and everywhere in between, but I prefer to focus on the User Experience.

I'm really good at figuring it out. Put any task in front of me and I make it happen.


Full Name
Vince Aggrippino
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Primary Skills

The tools of my trade.
  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • React
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • PHP
  • SQL

Other Skills

If CTRL-F is the first thing you do when you look at a résumé, this section is for you. I'm not just keyword stuffing, though. I have real, verifiable knowledge of all of these technologies and paradigms.

HTML5, HTML5 Web Storage API, Pug template engine, CSS3, Sass, SCSS, PostCSS, Bootstrap, CSS Animation, Flexbox, CSS Grid, Responsive Web Design, Web Accessibility, Mobile-First Design, Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing, ES6 (ECMAScript 2015), ES7 (ECMAScript 2016), ES8 (ECMAScript 2017), ECMAScript Next / ECMA-262, Babel, Gulp, JavaScript Promises, async / await, Graceful Degradation, Progressive Enhancement, Performance Optimization, jQuery, npm, Git, Docker, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, Vim, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Centos, Apache, nginx, Oracle, MySQL


Freelance Web Developer
May 2005 — Indeterminate
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia / Castleton, New York, USA

As a freelancer, I specialized in Front End Development, but I also did installation and configuration of web / application servers, database systems, and programming language interpreters.

I also worked with clients to identify their needs and establish a professional rapport. Then I'd explain the tools I'd use to craft a solution for them.

Web Developer
APN Finda
August 2008 — October 2008
Auckland, New Zealand

At APN Finda I performed Linux Server Administration tasks, Web Application Development using PHP and MySQL, and Database Administration and Development. APN Finda was a search and shopping portal.

Developer / Systems Administrator
M&S Consulting
March 2007 — September 2007
Auckland, New Zealand

As a consultant for M&S Consulting, my primary responsibilities were Database Administration (Oracle and MySQL), Web application development and design with a Java based back end, and QA testing.

I also provided support and administration for Windows Server 2003 and Linux (RedHat Enterprise / CentOS) servers.

Programmer / DBA Technologies
November 2004 — May 2005
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

My primary role at Dunco was as a database developer using Oracle Forms. However, I performed many other duties including Database Administration; server (Windows & Linux) maintenance, support, and administration; Web server administration and maintenance; training; and client collaboration.

Billing Developer
June 2001 — October 2004
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

US LEC was a telephone company serving primarily corporate customers. Initially, my only role was maintenance of numerous manual processes for the management and reporting of billing data. There was plenty of opportunity for improvement and I took over the automation of processes and the conversion of (Korn) shell scripts to better-performing applications written in Perl. I also made improvements to code running within the database using Oracle's PL/SQL.

From there, I went on to improve reporting processes and I created new intranet reporting applications using Perl and implementing the CGI protocol.

When the company started to take an interest in their customer facing website, I took part by documenting and establishing guidelines for Web Development within the company.

Web Administrator
GE Power Systems
May 2000 — May 2001
Schenectady, New York, USA

Initially, my role at GE Power Systems was to maintain Web and application servers for both intranet and client-facing web sites including BEA Systems' WebLogic, Allaire's JRun Application Server, Netscape Enterprise Server, and Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Later, I took the opportunity to work more closely with both the Software Development team and the Server Administration teams. I began performing server administration tasks, documentation of internal Java development guidelines, Java code review and troubleshooting, and source control administration using Microsoft Visual Source Safe.

Computer Help Desk Representative
Corporate Health Dimensions
February 1999 — May 2000
Latham, New York, USA

Initially, my role at CHD was just a regular help desk rep. I would help with email, Microsoft Office, software updates, and in-house medical management software.

When the company underwent a merger, a lot of roles were eliminated and I was able to take over the responsibilities of the Lead Developer and the administration of both Unix and Windows servers.

Network Support Technician
US Army
October 1997 — August 1998
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA

Although formally trained as a telecommunications specialist, my aptitude with computers allowed me the opportunity to work in the 82nd Airborne Division's DISSO

This was primarily a typical computer support role for company and battalion commanders. My duties also included complete network architecture, support, and training for specialized secure military networks.


I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
by Robert Frost

I don't have a degree from any academic institution.

Are you still reading? I'm not automatically disqualified? Good. Let me explain...

Candidate must possess at least ... Degree or equivalent.

... If it said "or better", I'd still apply. I have knowledge and experience better than that of a Computer Science graduate and I'm ready to prove it.

I walk a different path... When most people would have entered university, I entered the US Army. When most people would have been sowing their wild oats, I was sitting in front of the computer learning new things... And that's before I even knew I could turn it into a career!

When I decided to focus on programming, my passion became an obsession... Shell, Perl, C, C++, Java, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and on and on. I wasn't organized, but I was prolific. I learned from countless sources... I learned from reading production code. I learned from the Internet. And I learned from experienced developers.


Free Code Camp

Front End Development

freeCodeCamp Front End Development certificate
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Source: freeCodeCamp: Front End Development Certificate

Free Code Camp is probably the most highly respected of the free online educational organizations. It's curriculum is often compared to that of a programming bootcamp.


Modern React with Redux

Udemy Modern React with Redux certificate
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Source: Udemy: Modern React with Redux Certificate

Udemy can be an excellent resource for education on many topics from many different instructors. Unfortunately, its level of quality is nearly as diverse as the available topics. Udemy is focused more on being a medium for experts who want to earn income online than it is being an online educational resource... quantity over quality.


All Available Certificates

SoloLearn certificates
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Source: My profile on SoloLearn

SoloLearn is an effort to put programming education on mobile devices. It's good, but fixed-width blanks, multiple-choice, and drag-and-drop answers make it too easy to guess your way through their curriculum. It's better than playing Candy Crush! 🙂

I earned all 12 of SoloLearn's certificates in less than a month without actually learning anything.